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Published: 24 July 2018

Personal Training with Shaun

Thank you to Magdalen Houlihan who left Shaun with this review.

"Not many people who reach the age of 80 decide to go to the Gym for the first time. All those young shapely girls in their leotards slipping effortlessly from one piece of equipment to another. A bit off putting you might say. Not so!

Shaun has a specially ability to make the mature lady in sloppy trousers feel completely at home. No matter how modest your targets may be, no matter how stiff your worn joints, you feel that you are really important and your efforts are praised with sincerity. So be assured of a warm welcome, a friendly smile and much respect that you managed to sign up in spite of being 80. Go on .... get moving."

Published: 24 July 2018