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Treatments For The Body

Looking for a luxurious massage, exfoliation or body ritual treatment which leaves you feeling wonderful?  Our new menu of Gainsborough treatments and [comfort zone] will leave you feeling relaxed and soothed.


Tranquility (TM) Pro Sleep Massage

60 Minutes £80

Inspired by the Indonesian Sea Malay Massage, this exceptional massage ritual acts in synergy with our Tranquillity™ Sound and Essential Oil Blend to effectively induce a state of deep rest & wellbeing. Ideal as jet lag recovery.

Body Strategist Active Toning Treatment 

75 Minutes £85

Intensive remodelling and firming massage with an innovative body mask. Its efficacy is boosted by an exclusive massage that combines the use of a Wood Massage Roller with Tui-Na techniques, treatment also includes a relaxing scalp massage. 

Himalayan Salt Ritual

60 Minutes £80

An extraordinary ritual, beginning with body massage using warmed Himalayan salt blocks, which bestow relaxation, alleviating tension, stress and anxiety. An exhilarating salt scrub follows; a combination of the precious pink Himalayan salt crystals and aromatic oils to detoxify the body, ease aches and pains, stimulate the metabolism and restore vitality and balance

The Gainsborough Relax & Unwind Full Body Massage

Our teams traditional full body massage including scalp massage, releases tension, soothes and relieves stress.

  • 50 Minutes £75
  • 50 Minutes With Hot Stones £79

The Gainsborough Relax & Unwind Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 

  •  25  Minutes £49
  •  25  Minutes With Hot Stones £55


New Life New Mum

50 Minutes £75

A gentle elasticizing, nurturing massage, perfect for during pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy. It reduces swelling, improves circulation, and contributes to skin silkiness and tone.

The Gainsborough Revive Full Body Brush & Scrub

25 Minutes £49

Our teams revive and refresh full body brush, to stimulate your blood flow and circulation, married together with our body scrub of the season to leave your skin soft and smooth.

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