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Effective Treatments For The Body

Deep Tissue Back Massage

30 minute treatment - £37

An invigorating massage that is ideal for relieving muscular aches and pains. The Therapist will apply pressure that ensures you will achieve physical and psychological equilibrium. This massage will be tailored to your desired outcome, leaving you relaxed, revitalised or restored

Detoxifying and Clarifying Back Treatment

30 minute treatment - £37
60 minute treatment - £68

This treatment creates a visibly refined, clean and even complexion and reduces impurities and redness. We use mineral salts to deep cleanse the back and stimulate the circulation.

We then allow a thermomineral clay pack to work its magic before finishing the treatment with a soothing massage application of Vitamin ACE body cream.

Anti-Cellulite Firming Treatment

60 minute treatment - £68

Say goodbye to cellulite and uneven skin tone with this detoxifying and firming treatment. After an invigorating salt exfoliation and stimulating massage, our wraps, whose active ingredients help to promote the microcirculation and create an intense sensation of warmth, are applied to localised areas. Your skin will be left feeling softer, smoother and firmer. Try it and the results will mean that you keep coming back for more.

Mum to Be Treatment

30 minute treatment - £37
60 minute treatment - £68

Relax and be pampered with this luxurious treatment which is safe pre and post pregnancy. The unique complexes in the Advanced Biogen Intensive repair help reduce and minimise stretch marks and leave you feeling wonderful. The 60 minute treatment includes a back, neck and shoulder massage, a foot and leg mask/treatment and a mini facial. Why not indulge further and book a manicure or pedicure too?

*Please note, unfortunately, we are unable to deliver body treatments during pregnancy before 12 weeks and after 32 weeks. We would like to offer you the safe alternative of a gentle Prescriptive Facial and Cooling Leg and Foot treatment. A face massage provides the highest degree of relaxation and is particularly recommended during this highly emotional time while Leg and foot treatment offers relief from swollen legs and feet.

Serail Mud Chamber

One person treatment (45 minutes) - £50
Two person treatment (45 minutes) - £75

This is a wonderful treatment that is most enjoyable with a friend or partner, as you apply the healing mud to your body before entering the two person serail chamber.

During the initial relaxation stage the pleasant healing warmth of the chamber enables the mud to cleanse the skin, accelerating toxin removal. The music and gentle lighting ensures you are totally relaxed.

A warm shower removes all the mud to complete your treatment. Your skin will feel as soft as silk and you will feel completely chilled. It’s decadent but you deserve it.

Magic of The East Massage

30 minute treatment - £35

A unique massage that incorporates the principles of Chinese acupuncture but without the needles. Our therapists have been specially trained to stimulate the pressure points used in the traditional forms of Chinese medicine to help you feel re-balanced and re-energised. With this Imagine signature massage, you will benefit from the relaxing massage our therapists are renowned for, combined with the healing properties of massage techniques steeped in hundreds of years of Eastern history.


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